Ministerial Affairs

Ministerial Affairs consists of men and women called as servants of God to attend to the wants and needs of the church in the various ministry departments.


The Elders of the church are the vessels used by God to assist in the counsel and overseeing the structure and the members of the Church. The Elders are responsible for ordinations, funerals, weddings, sacraments, teaching and ministering the word of God, and praying for the needs of the people.

Deacons Ministry

The Deacons Ministry is responsible for serving sacraments, teaching, praying, and serving the needs of the people.

Youth Ministries Department

The Youth Ministries Department is comprised of children’s church and teen’s ministry. Children’s church is designed to provide special services to children between the ages of 1 and 11 years old. Children’s church proper teaching at age-appropriate levels ensures sound care and attention to children. The ministry prepares children to effectively interact with one another, provides arts and crafts, reading materials, puppet shows, guest speakers, videos, and other resources to enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of the children. This ministry encourages young children to focus on Jesus and not secular role models and TV personalities.

The Teen ministry is designed to provide in-depth leadership training for teens. “Preparing Teens For The Future” is its focus. Teenagers are trained to assume leadership roles and responsibilities while being exposed to Christian role models, professionals, business owners, community leaders, and other persons who will be a positive influence on their lives. Teen leaders are matched with adult leaders for mentoring and apprenticeship purposes.

The Special Guardians Program is a voluntary support program that will help a student failing in school that needs supervision from a consistent guide. The program administered through The Believers Worship Center, Inc. recognizes the effectiveness of the program through the consistent presence of a trusting adult to develop long-term connections. The Special Guardian is a minister or parent with knowledge and understanding of the educational system in which the student attends.

Women’s Ministry

The Women In Ministry provides responsible ministerial leadership and oversight to programs, services, and activities designed specifically for women. This ministry’s primary purpose is to encourage women to strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives. It provides direction, guidance, advice, counseling, fellowship, conferences, and other important resources, to enable women to become successful spiritually and naturally.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry provides responsible ministerial leadership and oversight to programs, services, and activities designed specifically for men. This ministry’s primary purpose is to encourage men to strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives. It provides direction, guidance, advice, counseling, fellowship, conferences, and other important resources, to enable men to become successful spiritually and naturally.

Pastoral Care Department

The Pastoral Department serves, helps, and anticipates the needs of the Senior Pastors for internal and external church services, special events, and activities. The department may also serve the Senior Pastor’s family and guests as the Senior Pastors deem necessary.

Outreach Department

The Outreach Department conducts evangelism and outreach programs, services, and activities to the community and homeless shelters. The department trains individuals on outreach and evangelism, techniques and approach, and praying for people.

The department is also comprised of the Prison Ministry. This ministry focuses on ministering in jails, juvenile camps, youth authority facilities, state correctional institutions, federal prisons, and private facilities where persons are under house arrest. Persons assigned to this ministry are subject to strict guidelines, regulations, and requirements from correctional facility authorities. It also provides ministerial resources to individuals incarcerated, subject to the requirements of the correctional authorities.

Hospitality Department

The Hospitality Department is responsible for providing services to members, special guests, and visitors for special events and activities. Services may include but are not limited to serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and refreshments. Additionally, members of this department order, maintain, store, and refrigerate food items as needed. They decorate, clean, maintain order, and provide other needed services in their assigned area.

Counseling Department

The Counseling Department is responsible for counseling individuals, married couples, and families, that are in need of answers to their problems and concerns according to the word of God.

Health and Wellness Ministry

Health and Wellness Ministry ministers on health education, prevention, and awareness. The ministry help equip members with Christ-centered education to ensure they understand that health is an integral part of serving God. Additionally, the ministry provides the church with a foundation for integrating health awareness messages, healthy living prevention tips, and powerful engagement sessions and activities.

Music and Artistic Relations Department

The Music and Artistic Relations Department is responsible for all musical and fine arts programs and activities during church services and special events. This department provides instruction to cultivate and enrich the gifts and talents in song, dance, music, and drama. The ministry is designed to bring forth praise and worship unto our Lord Jesus Christ. The purpose of this department is to create music and to perfect the congregation in the unity of oneness in music and art.

The Drama Ministry is created to present and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of plays and skits. It also designs and constructs stage props, sets, and other items to support arts programs, services, and activities.

The Dance Ministry consists of individuals anointed to praise God through various dances and dance routines that glorify God. Members consist of various age groups who minister age-appropriate dances in accordance with their gifts and talents.

The Praise Team ministry is responsible for rendering praise and worship during services. It creates the church’s musical image through the utilization of the member’s gifts and talents. The primary purpose of the ministry is to praise, worship, and glorify God in song.

The Choir ministers praise and worship songs, setting the atmosphere for those attending church to enjoy praise and worship before the Lord. Members of the choir may also serve as members of the Praise Team.

The Musicians provides music for the Praise Team, Choir, music programs, concerts, live recordings, and special events. It also composes musical arrangements to accompany programs, services, and performances.

Audio Department

The Audio Department is responsible for sound, mixing board, microphones, acoustics, instrument sound, wiring, speakers and all equipment and sound related to audio.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry’s purpose is to unify members as a corporate body to petition God on behalf of the entire body of believers.  This ministry  focuses on the entire body  of the church and individually written prayer requests including the sick, brokenhearted, unsaved, special needs, oppressed, captives, possessed, and depressed.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry is responsible for providing leadership for church services. This ministry maintains order among congregates before, during, and after church services and functions. The ministry is also responsible for preparing Holy Sacraments for the monthly Holy Communion Service.  This ministry provides a full range of ushering services for the church and other ministry activities.

Media Department

The Media Department consist of three ministries: Television and Radio Broadcast, Camera and Lighting, and Social Media.

Television and Radio Broadcast Ministry is responsible for all production functions which lead to preparing television and radio messages for broadcast. It provides the production, directing, editing and advertisement of programs, services and activities of the church and its ministries. It is charged with producing weekly television/radio broadcasts designed to carry the word of God over the airways to various cities and nations.

Camera and Lighting Ministry is responsible for operating the cameras and lights equipment for the church, capturing the visual and audio images and messages produced, and broadcasts it nationally. This ministry is also responsible for videotaping all services, designated events, and activities. In addition, this ministry’s personnel clean, repair, maintain set- ups, dismantle, and arrange equipment.

The Social Media Ministry is responsible for managing the ministries social media and ensure brand consistency according to the vision of the Pastor. This ministry will create actionable plans to both grow and maintain followers through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Project Ventures Department

The Projects Ventures Department is responsible for conducting oversight of all non-budgeted revenue generation activities. It executes leadership of all departments, ministries, and auxiliaries’ revenue generation programs, services, and activities. Its primary function is to encourage other revenue generation and segments of the ministry to plan, supervise, control, monitor, and evaluate fundraising activities; and implement result-oriented activities to generate revenue to support the vision.

Membership Department

The Membership Department is responsible for new member’s classes to learn the organizational structure, tithes and offering is a responsibility for the work of the ministry, committed to coming to church on time and participating in church services and meetings. Classes are conducted over two weeks, providing basic orientation to the word of God, and the church’s beliefs and teachings. To further your spiritual growth, we have a bible college for all members.

The Believers Worship Center, Inc. is a Christ-centered, well-balanced church that holds to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. We believe that there is one God, who is eternally omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (knowing all things), and omnipresent (present in all places at the same time).

We believe that God exists in three entities. We believe all three entities make up the God-head and are equal, but are functionally different. According to I Corinthians 12:4-6 there are: (a) diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit (the Holy Spirit); (b) difference of ministries, but the same Lord (Jesus Christ); and (c) diversities of activities, but the same God who works all in all (God is responsible for all of the power for these functions).

We believe that He is the sovereign creator and sustainer of the universe and that final judgment for eternity is of God. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God manifested in the flesh. We believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and lived the only perfect life without sin. We believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all men, was buried, bodily resurrected on the third day, and now sits on the right hand of God as the scriptures declare.

We believe that according to John 14:16-18 the Holy Spirit is the promise that Jesus said the Father (God) would send to be a comforter, a helper, to lead and guide us in all truth, and to live inside every born again Christian. We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross as the Savior of the world and that salvation came through Him for the remission of sins. We believe and understand that by faith we believe in God, even though we cannot see Him, we believe He exists.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is responsible for managing a comprehensive marketing and outreach operation. Responsibilities include ensuring public awareness for all events and services sponsored by The Believers Worship Center, Inc. as well as maintaining ongoing communication between the church and its constituents via strategic marketing (i.e. networking and community relations). This department writes, edits, and updates publications; coordinates the printing and production of brochures and booklets; devises professional presentations; and assists with the development of web-based initiatives for the church. This ministry is also responsible for the monthly newsletter, calendar/bulletin, and advertising.

Publishing Department

The Publishing Department is responsible for printing newsletters, announcements, billboards, and material for services and special events and publications issued to the public. The department also coordinates with the Marketing Department on projects.

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department oversees the Computer Graphics Ministry and The Information Technology Department develops, manages, and maintains technology-related hardware, software, systems, and websites for the church.

The department provides the latest software used and applicability to the church. It provides opportunities for the ministry to conduct and develop church communications, and all technical responsibility is under this department.

The Computer Graphics office is a part of the Information Technology Department. This office provides and maintains imagery to enhance the quality of broadcasts, display visual images of the church via graphically designed animation, pictures, drawings, and other graphic illustrations. It also provides web-site support and interfaces with Television and Radio Broadcast Ministries.

Facilities Management Department

Facilities Management oversees Maintenance and Grounds, and Security of the church. Maintenance and Grounds is responsible for the church facility, grounds, and operations. They provide routine maintenance schedules, equipment replacement and the disposal of obsolete items of the church.

Security is responsible for securing the Senior Pastors, their family, and special guest attending the church. Security provides a safe and peaceful environment for the congregation to worship. This department is purposefully and tactically placed throughout the church and all events sponsored by the church to protect and maintain order in the house of God.

Missions Department

The Missions Department focuses on supporting foreign missions. Sending food, clothing, financial support to other countries. The ministry is also responsible to evangelize the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.