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Jesus, Bible Prophecy, and the World Part III

Please be aware that the pandemic is here to stay in the world. America and the world are creating and producing vaccinations for the corona virus to aid us in developing immunity against the virus. In times past in this country, vaccinations were created to fight other diseases. The division in our country over the vaccination has caused thousands of people to die from the virus. Only Christians full of the Holy Spirit with the knowledge and wisdom of God will understand the change of times in which we live. Lukewarm and pleasure-filled Christians do not see the changes and the darkness we face in the world. As scientists modify medicine for vaccines to combat the virus, Christians must also convert, revise and transition according to the end time warnings. Listen to these facts that exist in our country: America is divided about our Constitution and democracy for our nation; America is racially divided, and racism continues to suppress African Americans since the days of slavery; and America is becoming lawless. The Republican Party has organized and built their base of people to not obey and uphold the law. This Confederacy has caused an insurrection within Congress.