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Your Mentality Has to Change Part III

There is a distinction between what is sacred and what is secular.  As an African American Pastor, I want to comment on the culture of African Americans.  Conduct and appearance is important.  With the number of injustices towards people of my race, it is important that the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches people to live with the knowledge and wisdom of God to build the right culture. How do we spiritually develop ourselves and our families through education and training? If Jesus appeared before you today, in this modern world, would His attire and appearance consist of some of what we see today?  Would He be adorned in hoodies, unlaced brogan shoes, t-shirts, athletic wear, sweatshirts, sagging pants, sneakers, wild-looking hair, jeans with holes, hats worn backwards, tattoos, and pants so tight they are offensive to wear?  Jesus would appear as He is, holy and sacred. What are our social needs culturally according to our beliefs as African Americans?  There must be a difference between the world and the church when it comes to character and conduct.